Unemployment claims or benefits are payments made by a state or other authorized office to people who are out of job. These benefits vary, depending on the status of the person or the jurisdiction. The amount could cover only the basic needs, known as basic welfare or could compensate the lost time in proportion to the salary that the person previously earned.

These benefits in general are given only to those who register as unemployed on the condition that they are looking for work and do not have a present job. If you are laid off from work, you could file for unemployment online without having to go to an unemployment office. If you live in a certain state while working in another, or moved to a different state, you should file for unemployment in the state where you worked. If you worked in a state other than your area of residence or if you worked in several states, the state unemployment office can give you information on how to file your claim from other states.

Before filing, you should check out the state unemployment office for the requirements. These could differ from state to state. However, the basic requirements should include your mailing address with zip code, telephone number, Driver’s license number, Social Security number, Mother’s maiden name, Military/Veteran separation date, the name, address and contact number of your last employer.

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