Unemployment benefits will not last forever. Generally, they will only be good for twenty-six weeks, but some states provide benefits extension in case of a high unemployment rate. . If your unemployment benefit is near to running out, you should be able to create an action plan. Consider a tighter budget with additional plans for car payment, housing and other expenses. You could get out of the lease if you are renting and explain that you are still unemployed. You might want to get a roommate that could help share the costs or move temporarily to a different place while still looking for employment.

Furthermore, you could also pick up part time jobs to help while you continue searching for a regular job. Another way is to pick up odd jobs in order to supplement your budget. When you run out of unemployment insurance, you should make it a point to get a temporary job or wait at tables to keep you going hungry or thrown out of where you stay.

You should continue looking for a new job on a regular basis and make use of all your networks. Consider expanding the field you are looking as well as the geographical locations. Who know you might find work in a different state or city. Make it a point to contact your creditors right away if you are unable to make your monthly dues. Some credit unions will allow you to skip a payment for a car or grant loan extension up to a month in some cases.

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