The unemployment insurance runs for forty weeks on average. When you run out of unemployment compensation, find out from your state’s unemployment office to make sure that you are receiving al all the extended compensation you qualify. Check out other resources that are available and take advantage of what you can do to get by until you find work.

You could avail of extended unemployment compensation if you qualify.  Call the unemployment office of your state to determine if you qualify for the extension program. You have to do this before your twenty-six runs out so you can find other options. You can appeal the decision if you are denied extended benefits. You will receive an official notification if you qualify for the extension via mail and will receive this as soon as the regular benefits run out. You should still file for extended unemployment compensation and get your claim approved before you can begin to collect your extended benefits.

You have to fill out the appropriate forms for the extension. Make sure to provide all the paperwork that is required of you. There are various requirements for the extended compensation program than that of your regular compensation, so you should provide additional details to be approved.

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