When you are laid off from your work without your fault, you are entitled to unemployment benefits. The benefits vary and will depend on the period you worked full time and the salary you received. When a state is experiencing economic downfall and is very difficult to find a job, you can file for an unemployment extension. The Unemployment Insurance office of your state will automatically see if you are eligible for an extension and will send you a notice through mail.

When unemployment is filed, you can claim benefits for up to twenty-six weeks. You should be looking for a job within that time but if you are not able to find one at the end of that period, you can file for unemployment extension benefits. The extension period in general is up to thirteen weeks in most states. The 13-week period will only commence after the 26 weeks has been utilized.

It is important to check your state’s regulation regarding unemployment extension benefits. You should complete all claims on regular benefits before you can file for an extension. In some states you may have to wait for a notification that your benefits has lapsed and you can file for an extension if you are still out of work at the end of the regular period.

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