Nobody wants to lose a job. However, when a company is experiencing financial difficulty or working in an unsafe environment, leaving work turns into a reality. While receiving unemployment compensation and you could not get a job right away, you could end up needing an extended unemployment benefit. This benefit is offered when your regular unemployment insurance has run out.

When your 26-week unemployment benefit runs out, extended unemployment benefit is provided. You could collect this when you no longer qualify for regular unemployment insurance in any state. Moreover, extended unemployment insurance start in four major tiers with separate starting points. Tier is occurs right after the regular unemployment benefits. You have to apply for this tier that lasts for twenty weeks. If you are still unemployed after this tier, then you can qualify for Tier II which is good for fourteen weeks.

Tier III lasts for an additional of thirteen weeks and Tier IV which is the final stage will vary in duration since it is based on the amount that the federal government and the state could pay. If there is high unemployment in your state, Tier IV can make your benefits last for over a year. You can apply for extended unemployment benefits when the unemployment office of your state will inform you that your regular benefits are about to end and you could qualify to apply for extended compensation.

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