This year, the 99-week Federal unemployment benefits extension will continue. Nonetheless, those who are lost their jobs starting in July will not be eligible for the extension unless there is a new legislation that will be passed. The unemployment extension is a US federal government program that aids different states to provide additional unemployment compensation weeks for those laid off without their fault.

Because of the current economic difficulty in the United States, many are having a difficult time finding work. Depending on a state’s individual unemployment rate, unemployed workers have been provided unemployment compensation extension through four various tiers.  A worker who could not find a job for an extended period could move through the four additional tiers of extended benefits before their unemployment compensation is finally cut off.

It is necessary to check out your state’s unemployment insurance office to find out if you qualify for the extended benefits or if such is available in the state that you are in. Most states with high unemployment rates provide benefits extension to all laid-off workers to help them in the months when they receive no income. Determine if you are eligible and for the unemployment compensation extension as soon as possible.

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