When your former employer has denied your unemployment claim, you can go to the Unemployment Office of your state for a personal interview where you will be given a chance to clarify the reasons why you lost your job. Every state handles unemployment appeals differently. In general, both your boss and you can appeal the deputy’s decision. An appeal should be filed within thirty days and will be decided in a legal setting with a judge, also known as the referee who conducts the hearings.

Losing a job in an economic crunch is very difficult, but when your unemployment claims have been denied unfairly, it is worth your effort to challenge the decision. Nowadays, more and more people have been denied of their claims and find themselves wondering why. Take note that in some instances these decisions are warranted while others have grounds for an appeal. One of the common reasons why your unemployment claim could be denied is when it shows that you lost your job because you quit or did something that made the company fire you. Therefore, it is of vital importance to note that there are exceptions to this rule depending on the details of your case.

If you feel that the decision is unjust and you were let go unlawfully, it is necessary to clear up issues with your employer in order to claim your unemployment benefits. If you need help about your unemployment claims appeal, you can go to an employment lawyer and seek legal advice. Remember, always choose a competent legal counsel for any legal issues that could arise from your appeal.

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