When you have filed for your unemployment claims or benefits, you should start filing your claims weekly since you have to file every week even if you are waiting for your claim to be valid, filed an appeal or waiting for a decision about your benefits. These claims can be filed from one of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands. You can file the weekly claim online or calling the weekly claims line.

You can file your weekly claim anytime from 12:01 Sunday morning to 5 pm of the last working day, usually on Friday. Keep in mind that you cannot file a claim until the week ends. Make sure to file your weekly claims promptly or your benefits could be denied. While unemployment claims is a collaboration of the state and the federal government, the state you belong to administers it. Information is required when filing for a claim.

When filing for your weekly claim online, you should check out your local labor department which service administers the claim. Next, make sure to read the information on the website and take note on important details when filing. Jot down contact numbers of the office and call if you have queries. Fill out the form when the day comes to do so and follow instructions carefully. Print out the confirmation page weekly when you file for a claim and keep unemployment papers in a file folder. You must discontinue your claims as soon as you get a job. The process differs from state to state so make sure to follow the instructions in your state.

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