Commonly known as UI, the Unemployment Insurance provides workers who lost their jobs through no fault of theirs temporary weekly funds. The program is one hundred percent financed by employers who pay taxes on salaries they paid to their employees. There are several requirements to unemployment insurance, which includes previous wages, separation from last job and availability to search for a new job. These should be met in order to qualify for the benefits.

You have to present documentation of wages you previously earned. Furthermore, there should be a valid reason for losing your job. If you voluntarily quit your job, make sure to provide proof such as employer abuse or safety hazard workplace. To receive your benefits, you should be actively looking for a new job. Each week of your benefits, you should be looking for a full-time work, physically able to work and accept a suitable job.

Although an unemployment claim is kept confidential, there are some data that has to be shared with several government agencies allowed by law. These agencies use information for certain programs like food stamps, child and medical support. Furthermore, if you will receive the funds via a debit card, your information is shared with the bank managing the debit card account.

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