Unemployment insurance or benefits normally run for about 26 weeks or a little more. Nevertheless, there are cases when the benefits could be extended for several weeks due to various reasons like recession and massive unemployment. A sudden layoff during recession is not only traumatic for the worker but also creates a big impact on most families in the US every year.

A worker who has a regular job could suddenly find himself or herself out of job and looking for unemployment insurance for the first time. Being knowledgeable of the qualifications for unemployment insurance from the government is important, particularly during recession. The typical effects of a recession are the increase number of people looking for unemployment insurance.

In times of recession, businesses stop making a lot of money and may have no other option but to let go of some of their employees. During recession, the rate of unemployment will increase and fewer consumers have the income to increase sales and allow business to keep up. Unemployment insurance in times of recession is extended to give more assistance to the family of a worker who lost a job and to help him or her get back to work. The unemployment benefits help sustain a family who lost their income.

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