Unemployment claims offer temporary wage benefits to jobless persons who qualify for this benefit. An individual is considered unemployed if he or she is actively in search for a job but currently does not have one. In today’s tight economy, more and more people are left without a job. Survey shows the rise in people looking for employment these days. You can apply for unemployment claims if you lost your job without your fault such as a lay off or the company shuts down. An application for this unemployment claims is made through the unemployment office in your state.

The unemployment officer will be the one to determine if you qualify for this benefit or not and will compute your weekly benefits. One of the ways to get qualified is when your previous employer has paid unemployment insurance. Make certain to check the website of the state you belong to for eligibility requirements including rates and formula on computing your claims. It is of vital importance to be aware whether it is better to be presently unemployed instead of staying at a low paying job.

You can calculate your unemployment weekly claims yourself by checking out some sites or inquiring from your local unemployment office. When you know how to calculate your benefits, you will have a good idea of how much you will get every week in case you lose your job. This is necessary when you are finding a new job or taking unemployment.

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