In several states such as Washington, the weekly maximum unemployment benefit is $570 and minimum is $135. No eligible persons receive lesser than this, regardless of the earnings he or she received.  The actual unemployment benefit amount you will get will depend on your earnings on the base year. The weekly amount of benefit and the maximum payable benefits are calculated based on the reported information from your employer or employers.

You could calculate the amount of benefits you will receive weekly to determine how much you can possibly receive. You should determine which calendar quarters make up your base year in order to estimate the amount. Your base year is t first of four of last five quarters completed before the week you file a claim. For example, if you applied on January 20, 2010, your base year will include the wages you earned starting from October 1, 2008 to September 20, 2009.

Determining how much you will get prior to getting your first payment helps you plan your budget every week for food and other daily necessities. Every state in each country has various maximum and minimum amounts to pay for those who will receive weekly unemployment benefits. The total time you will receive unemployment benefits is twenty-six weeks, which is not necessarily consecutive but should be within the same year.

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