Well, first of all. Unemployment is not a kind of a welfare program; it is your insurance. Every one of us is entitled to it. Of course, with the crisis that we still experienced today. Many people became jobless and wander around the streets looking for another job to land for.  Another thing is, some of us didn’t know the existence of unemployment benefits. Some of us depend on the hands of our parent or spouses just to survive for a couple of days without a work. But who likes that? We don’t want to be a burden to them or to the society. It’s time to know the benefits of being unemployed.

Be sure to prepare your documents like valid ID’s, previous employer’s address and company name and other required documents before you proceed on applying your benefit insurance.

Apply for an E.I.C Employment Insurance Claim. Applying for an E.I.C you’ll be given an access code, make sure you have completed your required documents or reports so there will be no delay with your approval of your benefits. Once your claim is approved they will give your money in your account in two days, in that process they will require you to complete your reports again before they give your benefits.

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