A person who lost his or her job without his or her fault can avail of the unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are provided by law to those who lost their job through lay-offs or company closures and are actively looking for work.

One must be currently looking for a new job, must be eighteen years old and above. There is a current maximum rate for Unemployment Benefits that you should be aware of. Keep in mind that the longer you remain on a benefit and if you have been unemployed fore more than a year, the harder it will be to get back to the work force. If you still need unemployment benefit after 52 weeks, you have to re-apply for it.

When re-applying, you will have to complete a Comprehensive Work Assessment to help identify what steps to take to find work and whatever help you will need from your Unemployment office to be more successful in finding a job. Remember that if you do not re-apply on time, your benefit will be stopped so make sure to inform the Unemployment Insurance office of your state. In some cases, you could have an extension if you cannot reapply in time. Make sure to visit or check out the Unemployment Insurance office for more information and updates. You can check out online or call them.

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