During difficult times, unemployment benefits help a family stay afloat. The benefits serve as a safety net for many people, but restrictions also apply. Unemployment benefits, same as other things have some drawbacks as well.

For example, a claimant have to routinely answer questions about their search for a new job and any income received each time he or she files for a claim. If there are limited job opportunities, one could risk losing the unemployment benefits. Remember that these benefits are not free money since it came from the funds you already paid when you were still working and just given back to you when you lost your work.

Another drawback of unemployment benefits is the money you receive is relatively smaller compared to the salary you received when you were working. A person receiving these benefits could feel negative about himself or herself for losing a paycheck; it could lead to loss of personal identity and at times may even lead to crime and heart problems on some individuals. Moreover, the lapse of unemployment could negatively impact a person’s resume and finding work as soon as the unemployment benefits run out. The more people receiving unemployment benefits, the lesser money there will be in the unemployment benefits account where the money is drawn.

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