There are several reasons why an unemployment benefit claim may be denied. To know if your claim will be approved or denied, it is necessary to know the facts that surround the denial of unemployment eligibility. Every state has its own unemployment benefit program, thus it is vital to review specific requirements that apply in your state.

A benefit may be denied because of ineligible position. Only those whose previous employers paid unemployment taxes for them may be eligible to receive benefits. Those who were self-employed for working as independent contractors will not get benefits. Another reason for denial is insufficient wages. To qualify, you have to earn sufficient wages during a certain time frame or base period before you become unemployed.

Voluntary resignation from work is another reason for denying unemployment benefits claims. Moreover, is the reason why you lost your job is through misconduct, then you will not be qualified to get unemployment compensation. Misconduct may include failure to follow instructions, tardiness, theft, endangering co-workers and many more problematic actions. In some states, the severity of misconduct could lead to termination. You will not be able to qualify for the benefit if the reason for not working is labor dispute. Furthermore, you have to be actively seeking for a job and accept an appropriate job to get your benefits. If you d not do these things, you will not qualify for unemployment compensation.

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