Unemployment benefits are provided to those who lost their jobs without their fault. Luckily, for the United States, unemployment insurance is designed to cushion the impact of losing your job. Unemployment benefits or insurance is a cash payment system administered and funded jointly by each state and the US government.

With unemployment insurance, those who are eligible are those people who lost their job without their fault, physically and mentally able to work, actively looking for a new job and willing to accept work, earned an amount on the previous job within a year, received severance payment upon separation from work and if the hours of earnings were cut back to at least one third.

Unemployment benefits can be applied through phone or you can go to the Unemployment Insurance office of your state or apply online. You will be asked to present your social security number and birth date, last employment date, name and address of previous employers, reasons of losing your job and alien registration number if not a US citizen. Presently, unemployment benefits usually last an average of thirty weeks and you could be entitled to half of your weekly paycheck. It is necessary that even if you feel you do not qualify, file an incident anyway so that you will have an idea of what you could claim. Furthermore, the unemployment office of your state could have valuable resources that could help you find another job.

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