With millions of people laid off, the number of unemployment cases continues to rise. Unemployment insurance is available for workers who lost their jobs without their own fault. It is necessary to understand the eligibility requirements since rules vary from state to state. It makes sense to check the eligibility in your state to ascertain that you qualify for these benefits.

One of the basic questions asked to qualify for unemployment benefits is the reason why you lost your job. If your claim is denied, you can make an appeal and request for a hearing to plead your case. The amount of unemployment compensation you will get depends on the amount that you earned while you were still working. Remember that there are eligibility requirements to qualify for unemployment insurance, which include working at specific number of weeks.

In general, unemployment benefits are payable up to twenty-six weeks but could vary depending on the policies of a certain state. Another factor that affects the length of payment for unemployment benefits is the rate of unemployment. When unemployment rate is high, benefits could be paid for additional weeks. After filing for unemployment claims in the Unemployment Insurance office in your state, allow two to three weeks for the agency to give a decision on your claim. Make certain to respond to any letter or correspondence the agency may send you promptly. When you receive an approval, make certain to complete and return the paperwork immediately to get your benefits on time.

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