There are times that with all the available options you need can be quite a task, particularly when finding what benefits you can avail. Unemployment insurance is available to help the unemployed meet their financial needs. Everyone who accumulated ample wage credits in their present job is qualified to receive unemployment insurance. The amount received is calculated based on the earnings.

Unemployment insurance has certain rules that should be met before one can receive funds. In order to qualify, you must be able to work, actively looking for work and willing to work. Furthermore, your previous employer should approve your earnings. In case of discrepancy on the amount you claim and the amount the employer claimed you earned, they are responsible for proving it.

The amount of time you can claim unemployment benefits will vary based on the state you belong. There is a possibility of extended benefits, particularly if your state is experiencing high unemployment rates. Nevertheless, there are instances when you may have difficulty in qualifying for the benefits if you were discharged from your work due to misconduct or left your job voluntarily. The amount you received from your unemployment insurance can be spent on anything of your choice. There are no rules that force you to pay for your basic needs first.

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