Unemployment benefits are made available to people who lost their jobs through no fault of theirs. However, if you lost your job and file for unemployment claim, there is a possibility that your claim will be denied. Before you go to your state’s Unemployment Office, you have to be aware of the factors that could contribute to your claim being denied.

Unemployment claims may be denied if you quit your job voluntarily or without a just reason. A good cause for quitting your job includes informing your company or employer about any problem so it will have a chance of resolving it. Some reasons of quitting your work that qualifies include family circumstances, financial hardships, deceit regarding employment conditions, unhealthy working environment, non-payment of the employer, abusive or offensive conduct by your employer, transportation difficulties and discrimination.

Another reason for denying claim is when you are fired because of misconduct and other legitimate reasons. Your employer must prove this in court when you make a claims appeal. Other reasons may include refusal or a suitable job, failure to report your income tax while working, imprisoned after a conviction, participating in strike and unavailability to work. There are several instances when your claim is denied. Your best option would be to file for an appeal against the decision. You may consult your attorney for legal help and make preparations for the hearing.

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