Unemployment compensation is available for those who are unemployed without their fault. There are requirements to qualify for these benefits, such as working on a number of weeks for a certain number of hours every week. The requirements vary from state to state and the compensation you receive will depend on how much you earned while you were working.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, you can file a claim and the unemployment office of your state will determine your eligibility. There are some things that could disqualify you from collecting unemployment insurance such asĀ  quitting your job voluntarily, misconduct, resigned due to sickness, left in order to marry, self-employed, going back to school or due to labor dispute.

Most people want to know if they can still claim compensation if they quit their jobs. There are some instances where one might be able to collect such as a good cause for quitting. The good cause is determined by the unemployment office of your state and you can provide a case proving why you are qualified to receive compensation. If you give your notice but the employer does not accept it and terminates you right away, it is normally considered as involuntary termination and you could qualify for the benefits.

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