Unemployment benefits refer to money provided by the government to people who registered as unemployed. These benefits are usually given on a weekly basis. It is calculated based on a person’s earnings while still working and the number of dependents that he or she is supporting. The formula for calculation could vary from state to state.

The process of weekly unemployment claims, also known as weekly certification is used to verify that you are unemployed during that week and are eligible to receive unemployment benefits. You should file for regular weekly claims while you are still waiting to determine if you are eligible, after you are determined eligible and after you started receiving payments. If you fail to file your weekly claim could cause delay in getting your benefits approved or receiving you weekly payments.

Even if you were not eligible during a certain week, as long as you are still jobless and want to continue receiving unemployment payments, you should file for benefits for that week. There are some other factors to consider when claiming for weekly unemployment claims. You are given a maximum number of weeks in one year for you to claim unemployment benefits. In the United States, the limit is up to 26 weeks and may or may not be consecutive. Remember that agencies and governments have certain budgets allotted for every individual are rarely goes below the minimum or above the maximum amount.

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