Unemployment insurance offers temporary financial aid to unemployed workers who lost their job without their fault.  Filing for unemployment insurance could be done by going directly to the unemployment office in your state, through the phone or online. Filing for unemployment benefits online cuts all the hassle of talking and waiting on the phone. In applying for unemployment insurance online, here are the steps.

1. Locate the website of the unemployment insurance office of your state.

2. Get all personal information required such as your social security number, birth date, address, citizenship status.

3. Enter information of your last employer in the application form. You need the name of your employer, address, wages and employment dates.

4. Indicate whether you want your unemployment benefits to be withheld for taxes. In case you do not want to withhold, you will probably pay taxes during tax time.

5. Agree to the laws and terms by which you are allowed to apply for unemployment by electronically signing the application form.

When you have completed and submitted all the requirements of your claim, you will have to wait for a few days or probably several weeks to receive your first pay check. Remember, live frugally while you are still receiving unemployment insurance.

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