Unemployment claims provide workers who are currently unemployed without their fault monetary payments for a certain period of time until they find a new job. This claim is provided by the state under the guidelines of the Federal Law. To be able to receive unemployment benefit, a worker should meet the Unemployment Eligibility requirements for wages earned or time worked for a period of an established period of time.

People who do not qualify are those who quit their jobs without a good cause, has been fired for misconduct, left the job to get married, resigned due to illness, involved in labor disputes, self-employed or attending school. Unemployment claims or benefits are paid for a maximum of twenty-six weeks in many states. In times of high unemployment, additional thirteen weeks of benefits are available. In most states, the compensation amounts to half of the persons’ earnings.

In general, it usually takes a few weeks after filing a claim to receive the first benefit check. In some states, it takes one-week wait period. This should be the first thing to do when you are laid off from your work. Since it will take a few weeks to get your benefit, the sooner you file, the better. Remember that a delay in filing also means a delay in collecting your claim. For more details on unemployment claims, check out the Unemployment Information office in your state.

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