Unemployment insurance is compensation made by the state and other authorized bodies to all those who are unemployed without their fault. The insurance may be based on a compulsory para-governmental insurance system. The amount may be small, which covers only the basic needs or could compensate the time to the previous earned salary. In general, unemployment insurance is only given to those who registered as unemployed and usually on conditions that ensure that they seek work.

For you to avail of unemployment insurance, you have t be available and looking for work, eighteen years old and above, a US Citizen. Aside from helping families of laid off workers, unemployment insurance also plays a major role in helping communities, businesses and the economy of the nation. It was established in 1935 as a response to the Great Depression when millions are left without a job. During this time, these unemployed people could not buy services and goods which led to more layoffs.

These days, the unemployment insurance programs helps to cushion the impact of the economic plunge and brings economic stability to states, communities and the whole nation through providing temporary income to all those who were laid off from work.

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