There are two determinations on your unemployment insurance claim to determine if you are eligible. One determination is monetary. This details your possible eligibility for benefits which are based on the earnings you received. The other is the circumstances of your separation from your work.

The monetary eligibility includes the mount of benefits you can collect, duration of your benefits and how much you can earn on part-time work before money is deducted from your unemployment benefits or any dependency allowance you are eligible to receive. You can calculate your unemployment insurance yourself. To do this, you have to get the data of the earnings you received on your last five quarters of work. You can secure this information from your employer of employment security department.

Look for the two highest earning quarters from the first four of the five quarters; calculate the average amount from the two highest earning quarters. You can do this by adding the earnings form the two highest quarters then dividing it by two to get the average. Next, multiply the average earnings for the two months by 3.85 percent. The result will be the weekly benefit amount you will receive. Check out if there is unemployment benefit increases from the government and state. Depending on your location, your unemployment compensation may be eligible for supplement bonuses every week.

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