Unemployment insurance which is administered by your State can provide you temporary financial relief. It enables you to pay your bills while you are still looking for new employment. When you apply for unemployment insurance, you have to verify if you are eligible. Get all the information and documents you need in filing for a claim. You will need your social security number, list of your past employers and addresses and employment dates.

You can apply for unemployment insurance through the unemployment insurance office of your state, apply online or by phone. You need to register to the Employment Services Office of your state to receive free services that could help you with your job interviews, resumes, career counseling, and access to job listings and job training.

You have to appear at your state’s unemployment insurance office when you are asked to and be on time for the appointment. In order to continue receiving your benefits, you have to be actively looking for a new job and refrain from turning own suitable job offers. The amount of benefits you will receive will be based on the percentage of your earnings over a 52 week period and will not exceed the maximum amount in your state.

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