When you filed for unemployment insurance and received a disqualification notice for your claim, you can file for an appeal and ask for a hearing. Appeal filing should be made within thirty days from the determination date. However, it is preferable to file the appeal as soon as you receive the notice. If the determination favors you, your previous employer could also file for an appeal and ask for a hearing.

You can represent yourself and the claims during the hearing and appear before the appeals referee. This hearing is similar to a trial. If you represent yourself, you serve as your own lawyer and will be responsible as such. Before the schedule of the hearing, you must contact the appeals referee and let him or her know that you will represent yourself and ask information about the procedures in the hearing and other important information that you should know.

It is important to educate yourself of the issues and claims of the other party. You will be required to submit documents and other evidence to the hearing officer and your employer before the hearing schedule. You have the right to review the file before the schedule of the hearing. The file should contain information regarding the claim of the employer and give you a chance to present your argument.

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