With unemployment benefits, the number of weeks paid out changes is based on what is set off by the unemployment rates of a certain state. Eligibility to receive unemployment benefits will depend on how long you have worked and how much you earned before you become unemployed. Not everyone receives the maximum number of weeks available in an unemployment claim.

The majority of those eligible for this benefit do not qualify for this insurance and the average weekly payment is 36 percent of the person’s weekly average wage. Furthermore, the duration of the unemployment week’s benefit will depend on the unemployment insurance laws and unemployment rate in the state where a person worked. The benefits are extended in case of recession.

Before the recession occurred, most states mandated that those who are eligible unemployed could get 26 weeks of benefits under a state program funded by the employer contributions. It jumped to 34.4 weeks when the recession started. The number of people who are unemployed also doubled. There may be long-tern unemployment given the pace of hiring which is not enough to put a large number of people back to work. More and more people might be getting unemployment claims as long as companies and other business establishments continue to lay off workers.

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