In several states, a certain amount could be added to your unemployment benefits based on the number of dependents you are supporting. The reason why some states offer this is because some claimants who have dependents incur extra expenses, which include food and rent.

A dependent is a child who is a prime responsibility of the person, maintained as a family member, financially dependent on the person, not a child whom payments under section 363 of the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989 are being made and not a child receiving Orphans or Unsupported Childs Benefit. A spouse who is unemployed is also considered as dependent.

Children who are in the custody of the Chief Executive but have been returned to the parent’s care could be considered dependent. In some instances, a child who is not living at home is still considered a dependent child. Being unemployed is hard enough, but even more if you have dependents relying on you. When applying for dependency benefit, you may be required to submit documents to support your claim.

Your state’s definition of dependency could determine whether you qualify. Normally, only a spouse or child under 25 of age is considered as dependent. You should be the main provider for these persons.

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