Despite the advancement in technology these days, many people are still facing unemployment. Because of the economic crunch, companies are now taking drastic measures so they can continue operating. The most common measure is to let go of some of their employees. Because of this, more and more workers are losing their jobs and availing of unemployment benefits.

In order to avail of unemployment compensation, you should do your research on the options available in your state. There are various qualifications and requirements to be complied which vary from state to state. For you to receive unemployment compensation from the government, all these requirements should be met.

To avail of unemployment compensation, you have to fill up a form, your social security number, your address, name, address and contact number of all your previous employers. Unemployment compensation is paid for a maximum of 26 weeks in most states. In times of high unemployment, additional benefits are available. The moment you are laid off from your work, your first agenda should be to file for unemployment insurance. It could take a couple or three weeks to collect a check, so the sooner you file, the faster you will get your pay. A delay in filing also means a delay in collecting your benefits.

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