After filing unemployment benefits, you will receive a notification from the Unemployment Office in your state if you are eligible to receive the benefits and how much. However, if your claim is denied, you will still be able to receive the benefits by filing for an appeal. While the process of unemployment appeal seems easy, but winning your appeal could be quite challenging and frustrating.

When appealing your claim, you should start by going through the denial letter and determine how best to make your appeal. Depending on your state, the time allowed is between thirty to forty-five days. Write an appeal letter addressed to the sender before the due expiration due date. You should explain in your letter why you are opposed to the decision made and request for a hearing. You could also explain that you will have a lawyer to help you or you are representing yourself.

Prepare for your hearing and prepare the necessary documents before the schedule. Prepare additional proof if necessary and present it as evidence. You can also inquire about the details of the evidence presented against you by requesting a review of these filed presented by your employer. After the hearing and while you are waiting for a decision, make sure to continue looking for a job. This is very important since you could win the appeal and be eligible for the benefits immediately, but this depends on whether or not you are looking for a new job.

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